USPhysioMed supports research on the use of penile traction for Peyronie's Disease and pre-implant (IPP) rehabilitation. The company works only with physicians and patients referred to us by their physicians or specialists. USPhysioMed strives to combine medical research and education to create effective products and services for our clients. Our goal is to facilitate continued research and developement of new methods and products to enhance penile health and thus bring deeper satisfaction and quality to the lives of our patients. For further information read through the pages of our website. For answers to additional questions, please send your questions or requests to Thank you for visiting us.


USPhysioMed LLC
6125 Archway • Irvine, CA. 92679 • 949.616.5562

The goal of US Physiomed is to combine medical research and education to create safe, effective, and useful products. US Physiomed is dedicated to the ongoing growth and improvement of penile male enhancement, through the distribution and sales of its products and services.

US Physiomed adheres to all governmental, medical and consumer guidelines necessary to ensure our customers the safest, most effective and efficient means of penile enhancement available on the market.