USPhysioMED’s newest Peyronie’s treatment device is the German Manufactured Peni-Master 2009. This device utilizes a new approach to fit and tension control and is already gaining wide support for its increased level of comfort and wear ability. This means longer tension times – meaning the device can be worn for longer periods under clothing and therefore shortens the treatment time. The CE approved Peni-Master was introduced in 2016 and data is still being gathered on patient results. In this short time the device has been readily adopted by leading urologists and we have already seen reports of comfortable and effective treatment. The package as illustrated above comes complete with everything needed to complete your treatment (some lotions are sold separately). Further details on the system are provided below:

    Medical expanders for plastic/cosmetic and therapeutic application on the penis

    PeniMaster® and PeniMaster®-PRO are medical expanders (extenders) or penile traction systems which elongate the penis in a physiologically proper manner over an extended period. For instance, this tissue stimulation is used for corrective enlargement, straightening or therapy of the penis before and after surgery. Urologists worldwide use traction devices to assist their patients suffering from various penis conditions.

    This system includes both rod and belt system!

    PeniMaster®-Pro is approved in the European Union and Canada to treat urological conditions that cause shortening or curvature of the penis, this product is under review by the FDA and is not meant to treat any disease in the U.S. The PeniMaster®-PRO has been designed to safely place the penis on traction as requested by urologists for several indications. Please ask your physician for details.

    SKU: PMP-001