It’s sad fact that no matter whether we are young or old we can all suffer from health problems. The problem with issues related to our sexual health are often difficult to share – even with our closest friend and partners. This embarrassment often leads to a failure to seek treatment and a worsening of problems. All too often, when we do have the courage to reach out and seek information or treatment, we end up being sold gadgets that do not work or pills that can never meet the claims made for them. Even worse, once we have made a payment we are left to get on with whatever solution we were seeking completely without support or empathy.

This can be especially disheartening when dealing with Peyronie’s Disease. Let’s face it – it is a VERY personal problem – one that cuts to the core of our manhood. Worse, the only workable treatment for Peyronie’s takes twelve to twenty-four weeks of dedicated work. This means you need the utmost support from your physician and from your treatment provider. I am talking about traction therapy.

Nine years ago, I proved that traction therapy can treat Peyronie’s Disease by funding a clinical trial with Dr. Lawrence Levine of Chicago – one of the world’s leading urologists. Working with other researchers, Dr. Levine showed that gentle stretching several hours a day of a three-month period could reduce Peyronie’s curvatures and help men become sexually functional again. That trial then became the basis for a treatment protocol used by Dr. Levine and many other leading urologists who have associated themselves with USPhysioMED.

The USPhysioMED protocol has two features no other traction device on the internet has – twelve weeks of patient support and physician contact. If you buy a device from USPhysioMED you get more than a device. We provide free educational books, we provide a private Facebook group membership, and most importantly – we provide FREE email and telephone connectivity/consultation at any time during your twelve-week treatment period. We also maintain contact with your physician, making his job easier by keeping him fully informed (with your permission) of your treatment progress.

Therefore, I hope you will decide to join the thousands of patients who have come to USPhysioMED to receive caring, supportive – and the only effective – treatment for your Peyronie’s Disease.

Mike Hays, CEO / Founder