Our mission is to combine medical research and education to create safe, effective, and useful Sexual Health & Wellness products. USPhysioMED is dedicated to the ongoing growth and improvement of treatment protocols for male and female sexual health issues, by working with leading health practitioners, pioneers and researchers, and through the national and international distribution and sales of its products and services.


USPhysioMED is equally dedicated to exceptional customer service, which we believe is crucial to professional relationships and patient well-being. We aim to be more than merely a company that provides medical products – we work diligently in accord with the medical professionals and patients to become a trusted partner in the patient’s ongoing quest for sexual health and wellness Lifestyle.

Michael Hays, MBA
Mike Hays has spent the last 35-years in the medical health, wellness, and sexual health & fitness areas, in creating unparalleled successes for “existing and emerging” companies. He owned his first consultation business, ProBody Fitness, in the early 1980’s.  Several years later, he was hired away by Met-Rx Nutrition, a world-renowned nutritional health products company, as VP of Product Endorsement. His foray into the medical sexual health and fitness arena was the perfect match for a new emerging company selling a unique developed product for sexual health in the consumer market, called The FS: Extender Device. This product was originally invented in late 1990’s for the Phalloplasty industry (adding length and girth to a man’s penis). Lacking a sense of concern and consequence in this line of business, Hays envisioned other considerations for the usage of the device in the medical industry.  His interests in Extender Device was predicated upon his curiosity of a completely, separate and legitimate, medically-backed Division for the Medical Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. It was therein that USPhysioMED, Inc. was established, September 2008.  Hays would invest in a Medically-backed; IRB-Case Study on the possible benefits a “Traction Device” might have upon the rehabilitation of Peyronie’s Disease.  Designed and managed by Medway Research Institute, with internationally renowned Urologist and Peyronie’s Disease Specialist, Dr. Laurence Levine, Rush University, Chicago, Illinois, as Primary Investigator, the outcome of the 2-year study, proved that the USPhysioMED: “Penile Traction Therapy Device” resulted in subjectively reported, as well as objectively measured, improvement in penile deformity, enhanced stretched flaccid length and erect girth as well as improved sexual function with no reported adverse effects. This helped pave the way for USPhysioMED’ s successful entry into the Urological Industry, as the most cost effective, less-invasive product for rehabilitation of Peyronie’s Disease. Ten years later, USPhysioMED, Inc. is still, and currently the only Medically-backed, Trial-Tested, “Traction Therapy” device in the United States.  Hays continues to oversee the entire scope of the business as he has feverishly worked to help bring enrichment to the nature of PD sufferers.  US PhysioMED is now being utilized in the initial stages of RPT Surgery, Implant, and Prosthesis surgeries, along with pre- and -post PD surgeries (Plication and Graft).  Along with continual medical support, notoriety and reputation, USPhysioMED, Inc. is also in the midst of creating more futuristic designs of the original “Traction Therapy” device, along with numerous other products for sexual health and wellness.  Hays’ development of its Life Force: ‘Supportive Training and Consultation Curriculum’™ within the past year, is soon to launch an entirely new, medically-supported product line and protocols to help men and women of all ages in their dealings with sexual health & wellness considerations.

Griselda Vasquez, Licentiate on BA
Associate Partner & International Liaison                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ms. Vasquez, graduated from the University of Lima, Peru, with her Licensing in Business Administration (March 2005). After spending five years with Lima Corporations STANSA and DELOSI, Ms. Vasquez moved to the US/California, to pursue further entrepreneurial job opportunities within the health & wellness arenas.  Hired by USPhysioMED in 2009, Ms. Vasquez was responsible for developing all of USPhysioMED’ s Administrative and Operational Divisions, including the Company’s Financial and Analytical Programing for all ordering, invoicing, shipping and postage programs. Her creative talents add panache to USPhysiomed’s originative corporate merchandising & marketing for the company’s Social Media, e-commerce and networking promotions and opportunities.   She also is responsible for product sales and delivery for both Urological Medical Centers and all patient needs. She has recently become a Partner in USPhysioMED’s Corporate Structure, April 2014.