USPhysioMED is the ONLY company that has invested in clinical trials to develop a treatment protocol for Peyronie’s Disease that actually works. Every other traction device purveyor on the Internet simply sells the device. They provide a manual or a video – but as you will read below, patients need a great more than that.

The traction therapy protocol developed by USPhysioMED in connection with leading urologists works – but it is NOT a rapid process. Peyronie’s plaque is broken up by providing gentle stretching pressure for two to four hours a day – longer if possible. This daily regimen must be continued for SIX WEEKS before results will be noticed. The best results are usually obtained after TWELVE WEEKS of continued traction.

This kind of treatment protocol is not easy – and it required dedication from the patient –  and support from your physician – and USPhysioMED.  Your physician, needless to say, is a very busy medical practitioner.  Recognizing this, USPhysioMED has designed a program of support for each patient that last the ENTIRE three-month treatment period.  By arrangement with your physician, USPhysioMED staff will work with you from the first day you purchase your traction device. We will be available to handle questions via toll-free telephone, a very private Facebook Page and through emails. We will provide you with treatment news, updates, and information from researchers. We will stay in touch with your physician and provide updates (with your permission) so that there is a record of your progress between physician visits.

It is this kind of dedicated patient support that separates us from internet traction device sellers – no matter how “medical” they appear; they do not have the close working relationships with physicians that USPhysioMED has developed over the past nine years.

What can you expect from the USPhysioMED treatment protocol? Your traction device can be under loose clothing in most working situations – especially the comfort and confidentiality of your home. If you can wear the device for two to four hours a day, you will notice changes in curvature after six weeks. In some cases, it is dramatic, in others it is gradual – every patient is different. After twelve weeks, you will have achieved a significant reduction in curvature. During medical trials patient who had curvatures so severe that it prevented sex – were able to function normally and with pain. This is what you can expect if work with your physician and USPhysioMED during the treatment period.