Return Policy 

USPhysioMED Traction Device 

Due to medical regulatory sanctions and considerations, we cannot refund any monies once the original US PhysioMED shipping package has been received, opened and the hermetically-sealed plastic bags “un-sealed”.  Packages and product returned to us in this fashion are required to be destroyed as pre-used product, per FDA regulations. This helps prevent those consumer vendors that re-use returned product and piecing together from various manufacturers that have been pre-used in treatment!  YES!  THIS IS A CONSIDERATION ONE MUST BE CAUTIOUS OF.  As a result, the USPhysioMED, “Life Support” Traction Therapy Consultation and Support Program will secure that as a patient, you will always be assured the product you receive is brand new, has not been used and is safe to use.  You will also be treated to the full extent of utilization and education to assure you get the results your Physician has mentioned to you. You would not be wondering if the device you purchased elsewhere could be a pre-used, boiled, and buffed, set from pre-owned part and pieces and sold out the “backdoor” by unscrupulous groups just trying to sell a device for a cheap amount with no care or legal rehabilitative consideration by the FDA and just from a hygienic standpoint, would probably not be of your best interests. In any event, we cannot and will not take returned product and if the product is returned, unopened, it will still have a $20 SHIPPING FEE BACK TO US AND A $50 eradication fee for us to destroy the device as non-usable. 


We offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for Vacuum Erection Systems Po-T-Vac. This excellent system has more than 95% success in numerous published studies. Therefore, we offer Free daily interactive video classes to teach you the proper assembly and use. If you are still not 100% satisfied, you may contact us by phone: 949.769.6751 or email: to receive prior authorization for return.  This product is over 26-years and is FDA Complaint and accepted, so no worries here. 

 The following conditions must be met for a refund:
1. Call and receive product support instructions from Customer Service anytime you need it.
2. Email us at after completing the product support instructions for written return authorization.
3. Be the original purchaser of record of the Vacuum Device and provide a copy of the original packing slip.
4. Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return device in clean and original condition with all accessories in another shipping box. Packages without the proper shipping label and dirty condition will be declined and returned to sender.
This return policy is subject to change without notice and is in place of any other policies expressed or implied.
All returns incur a 30% recycling fee. Mach-1 rings, Loop-rings, Maintain, and other accessories purchased separately are excluded and are not returnable. Devices returned after the 90 days from the date of delivery are not returnable or refundable, as per FDA Regulatory Sanctions.