1. What Is Your Insurance Policy?  Unfortunately, the FDA has not granted us a Status II/Device, they refuse to allow us to be a Type II where Health Insurance Companies could cover the device.  So far you cannot be financially covered by any Insurance, or Insurance card.  Our apologies for the eminent wisdom of the FDA.

As a result, we are not granted a Medical Type II Status and therefore cannot be classified to have Insurance cover the usage of the devices, even though the Urologist prescribed it!

We have been working diligently over the course of he last 5-years we have been attempting to have this status changed so that Medical Insurance Companies could cover it, but currently the Insurance companies cannot accept us. We apologize for this, and will continue to preserve attempting to have this changed.  It’s like fighting “David vs. Goliath”

2. Does this mean I cannot use my Medical and Medical Insurance Card for reimbursement and payment coverage?

Yes, unfortunately this is the case.

 3. What is your Return Policy?

Once our package has arrived at your location and opened, it is considered “used” and we cannot have return of item for refund. This is to alleviate those organizations out there that sell similar devices that will take returned items and repackaged to look like brand new products and sold out the “back door” as new equipment, when it fact it is probably bits, parts, and pieces of returned goods, from prior use from other individuals.  Hygienically speaking this is both highly illegal and those companies that allow this to transpire, are allowing previously utilized products and selling them for cheaper pricing.  No integrity.  We are forced to burn and destroy every item that is returned to us and cannot re-use. We maintain our dignity and honestly policy, so therefore have a NO RETURN POLICY, once the Product is opened. NO EXCEPTIONS!! We stay within the Medical and FDA Stipulations on this. Please for more information open this link https://www.usphysiomed.com/return-policy/

4. How can I find a Qualified Urologist, that is an expert at PEYRONIE’S Disease Rehabilitation?

Start by looking around your area in a 5-10-mile radius and call to make sure the Urologist is Classified as an “expert” and is Registered to work Peyronie’s Disease Patients.  You can contact us directly and we can refer you to one of our Certified: “Dr. Referral Urologist” and we can arrange this for you.  If we do not have a listing of a localized Urologist Re; Peyronie’s Disease Rehabilitation, we will find one for you AT NO CHARGE!  Call us and we can explain the details to assure your safety and rehabilitation coverage.  Most of the top #400 Urologist here in the U.S. are listed with our organization and it is an easy process, plus you will be guaranteed a qualified and legitimate Urologist.

5. Can I call for a “Pre-Consultation” with Mr. Hays even though I am not listed as a patient yet?

Certainly.  Call or email from our web state that you would like to set up on a time for a FREE 15-minute Consultation, which every patient is entitled to no charge. We highly suggest this prior to your first Appointment with your Urologist so we can help explain some of the ramifications to going into your first Urologist Consultation.  If you sign-up within our USPhysioMED Doctor Referral Program, you will also receive a Booklet on Peyronie’s Disease, FREE, by Dr. Mark Newell.

6. I have just moved from Brazil to the United States.  I am in the Chicago Area.  Who can I go see that is a legitimate, knowledgeable Urologist.

Thera are many legitimate and qualified Urologists Re: Peyronie’s Disease within the greater Chicago Area.   You can contact Dr. Larry Levine (www.drlevine.com)if you are in the general area.  Look him up.  He is one of the most knowledgeable Urologists in the U.S.  He will be able to assess your situation.  He is considered one of the finest Physicians in the Country.

7. What is the best way I can research my Peyronie’s Problem. I am scared to go to the Urologist.

Contact our offices at info@usphysiomed.com or visit our web site and we will have information, a FREE Peyronie’s Disease Booklet, by Dr. Mark Newell: “A Guide to Peyronie’s Disease, Current Research and Emerging Treatments 2017 Edition”, which is considered to be the foremost and most important booklet you can review prior to even going to a Urologist.  Simply fill out the form To talk about Peyronie’s Disease from there you should contact Mike Hays, Founder USPhysioMED, Inc. (info@usphysiomed.com), who will then walk you through the manual and get you prepared for you first Urological Consultation.  This is imperative as it will shed light on all the needed information you will be required to know and help in your first consultation.  IT’S FREE SO DROP US A LINE!!

8. How can I find a qualified urologist expert in my area (Montana)?

Not all Urologists know how to deal with Peyronie’s Disease.  It is imperative to go see a Urologist that knows and is Certified for injection therapy and surgery.  Contact our offices and we will help you find a USPhysioMED, “Doctor Referral Participant” in our category and we will direct you to a Urologist in your area that can be of benefit for you.  It is stated that only 3% of the #10,000 Urologists in the Country are qualified for Peyronie’s Disease Rehabilitation.  Let us help you find the proper Physician for you condition.

9. I am 65Yrs. Old and think I have Peyronie’s Disease. I find your Web Site informative and helpful.  What should I do first?

First, get to our web site (www.usphysiomed.com) and study thoroughly.  There it will help guide and support your situation.  We will take all patients, no matter what, and it does not cost a single dime for our services.  Go through our Web Site and we will inform you of the steps you need to take and help walk you through our “Life Force™ Peyronie’s Disease Rehabilitation Program”, with no cost and it is there you will be derected to allow us to consult with you either by email or better yet…. set up a FREE GENERAL CONSULTATION Call with Owner/Founder, Mike Hays.  You can call and set up a convenient time for him to call you and help make sense out of all the madness that surrounds this disease, and get you on a “Fast Track” to Rehabilitation, starting with referral to Urologists in your area that work with us, “hand-in-hand” to rectify this monster of a disease!


10. I notice you have a few new products listed in your Web Site that are not q1uite ready for usage. Can you elaborate:

  • The EQM: Erectile Quality Monitor is still 8-9months away, but will be affordable and helpful when ready.
  • The LED (Electric Light Enhancer): This device is way ahead of its time and needs further testing, this device uses a series Electric Light Diodes that will help the penis by a 3-Phase Controlled format, that will be worn on the penis for 15-minutes/day.   NASA and other entities are receiving quiet a few benefits in alternative usage, so it would seem likely this device could change the entire erectile quality of a man’s penis.  Stay Tuned.
  • Elite (Electric Light Ring) that resembles what might be confused with a “cock ring”, to be worn all day if necessary to enhance utilization of Light Diodes, electric magnet combination and a patented weight/stretch availability system to help stretch the penis by weight for benefiting all aspects of Penile Quality System. We are in its First Stage Design format.  An affordable device that a man can wear comfortably all day/every day if desired, this might prove to be the answer to many erectile quality health and wellness issues as a [perfect device (affordable) that gives the penis an overall “workout” any time of the day, without pain or protrusion problems.