Individual medical statements, suggested medical treatments and recommendations included herein will vary from doctor-to-doctor, predicated upon each physician’s experience and expertise in treating Peyronie’s Disease. Talk to your Doctor to find out which treatment option may be right for you, individually. Remember, Traction Therapy is a means and way of treating and rehabilitating Peyronie’s Disease.  Utilizing Traction Therapy is the only, cost effective, less invasive means of treating PD Rehabilitation and is best used immediately and effectively, upon initiating the first phase of most Peyronie’s Disease Restoration.
Our USPhysioMED Traction Device has an IRB Case Study to prove the efficacy and case results in treating men with serious Peyronie’s Disease.  Dr. Laurence Levine and Dr. Mark Newell facilitated the Trail Study, in 2003-2007 and was published in the Medical Journals in 2007.  NO OTHER DEVICE HAS A USA/FDA REGULATED CASE STUDY OF ANY SORT!  We are governed by FDA Regulatory sanctions and our US PhysioMED Lifestyle Training, Support, and Consulting Services, thus assuring the patient of a quality device that has been Medically tested and approved by the Urological Associations.