Peyronie’s Disease Assessment Device (P.D.A.D.)



The P.D.A.D™ is designed for efficient, accuracy, and simplicity of use. On one side of the P.D.A.D™ is a ruler that is used to measure stretched flaccid or erect penile length. On the other side is an easy-to-read goniometer (a tool for measuring the angle of curvature) that is placed along the penis. Measurements should be taken when you have the most rigid erection that you can achieve. Measurements taken at less than the maximum rigidity that you can achieve will underestimate your curvature or other penile shape changes that have resulted from P.D.A.D. The fulcrum of the P.D.A.D™ is placed at the angle to be measured. The two arms of the P.D.A.D™ are then aligned with the middle of the penile shaft on either side of the point of maximum curvature. Once this has been accomplished, the P.D.A.D™ can be removed from the penis and can be read by simply looking at the arrow on the device, which points to a number representing the degrees of curvature.

At the end of the device is a unique tool for measuring penile indentation. With the end of the long arm directed perpendicular to the penis at the point of the indentation, a narrow piece can be extended directly into the indented space. Markings on the P.D.A.D™ are then used to measure the depth of the indented space (the markings are in millimeters).

Every aspect of the dimension of the P.D.A.D™ device, such as the length and width of the arms, has been specifically designed in order to accurately assess curvature and deformity caused by PD. The P.D.A.D™ is the only product on the market that exists for this purpose. You should use the P.D.A.D™ to asset the severity of your PD at baseline and to monitor your progress during treatment.

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