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Pos-T-Vac® Manual Vacuum System


Pos-T-Vac Manual Vacuum Erection System

Low in price but generous in features, the Pos-T-Vac (PosTVac) Manual Vacuum Erection System from USPhysioMED offers the quality construction and many of the highlights offered by the Pos-T-Vac battery-operated (electric pump) erection systems. Powerful and easy to operate, even for men with arthritis or who lack hand strength, this device has been designed by Physicians in consultation with patients and is made in the U.S.

Pos-T-Vac is the most trusted brand by urology experts and the best-selling VED system in world.  It has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Pos-T-Vac systems are cleared by FDA for ED treatment with many safety features to prevent damage to the fragile penis tissues.

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