Pos-T-Vac® Premium

$399.00 $339.95

Pos-T-Vac Premium Vacuum Erection System

Made in the U.S., the Pos-T-Vac Premium Vacuum Erection System from USPhysioMED, offers superior construction and performance at a surprisingly affordable price with free shipping in the contiguous 48 states. We ship all of our products in an unmarked package to abide by HIPAA law. The ultimate in vacuum erection systems, the Pos-T-Vac Premium Vacuum Erection System offers the most powerful battery system available and is also the most user friendly system you can buy.

Designed by physicians in consultation with patient, this product comes with four tension rings that are comfortable and effective. Features include a light touch switch and strong, comfortable loop handles on the tension rings. Adapter inserts have been designed to provide an anatomical fit in the tube opening for the user’s needs. Choose from this or an array of other purpose-made products for your urological needs.

  • The Ultimate in Vacuum Erection Systems
  • Powerful, comfortable, easy to use, excellent results
  • The most user friendly system on the market
  • Comfortable tension rings (Includes 4 rings)

Pos-T-Vac is the most trusted brand by urology experts and the best-selling VED system in world.  It has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Pos-T-Vac systems are cleared by FDA for ED treatment with many safety features required by law to prevent damage to the fragile penis tissues.

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